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Roma inclusion

Roma inclusion strategy 2012-2015 of Institute Movit

In the years 2012-2015, Institute Movit - Slovenian national agency for the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme, has been actively supporting the inclusion of young Roma into the YIA programme.

The activities included the following:

National information seminar / training course for Roma organisations and/or organisations working with Roma, June 2012, Dobrna, Slovenia
The aim of this activity was informing organisations about the existance of the programme and opportunities that the programme is offering, and to gather the needs for the type of support they would need to get involved.

International training Inclusion of Youth Roma into the Youth in Action programme, November 2012, Murska Sobota, Slovenia
The aim of this activity was exchanging best practices, creating international partnerships and identifying the obstacles they face in their international Roma projects and their possible solutions.

International Roma study visit to Slovenia, 2013, Murska Sobota, Vanča vas, Krško and Kamenci, Slovenia
The aim was to promote Slovenian good practices of Roma inclusion at the local level, which we have identified in the past years and to bring more potential project partners to Slovenian Roma organisations for possible future cooperation.

International training Cross-border Roma cooperation, May 2015, Murska Sobota, Slovenia
The activity was organised in cooperation with the Croatian, Hungarian and Macedonian national agencies as well as with the SALTO South East Europe Resource Centre, who is covering the rest of the Western Balkans region. The aim of this activity was to support international cross-border partnerships, which would be more sustainable and in which language would perhaps not be such an issue.

What are the results?

In the four years since the strategy of including Roma youngsters into the EU youth programme has been initiated, we can see many results. There are individual success stories, like one Roma girl, who participated in Movit's first two activities, later carried out a Youth Initiative, in which she organized and opened a museum of Roma culture and afterwards also got a job in a kindergarten. This museum was later also one of the locations visited during the study visit.

Another participant from the first activity carried out two Youth Initiatives through which the participation and engagement of local Roma youngsters increased, while she managed to become self-employed and now owns a shop selling clothes based on Roma culture. Her organization is currently also a partner in an international project, funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

As a side result, many participating NGO's directed part of their work towards Roma as a specific target group and several Roma youngsters participated in Youth in Action activities. There have been about 10 projects submitted and granted into Youth in Action Programme by Roma organizations and some new NGO's were established. Three projects are being developed, international and national partnerships and collaborations have been formed.

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