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Online Linguistic Support E+


EVS volunteers under Erasmus+ who will take part in EVS projects longer than two months are entitled to a language support prior to their departure and during the activity. This can be either in the form of the online language learning or language learning provided by the hosting organization in the local environment where the voluntary service is taking place.

Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is currently available in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Online learning is comprised of an initial online check and final verification, by which the volunteer can check the progress in the language, which (s)he was learning.

At the moment OLS is available for EVS volunteers having their EVS in countries where native languages are one of the above (example: Serbian EVS volunteer in Belgium). Exceptionally, OLS is available also for EVS volunteers who have EVS projects in other countries, provided the desired language is the working language of the project (example: Italian language for Turkish EVS volunteers in Albania).

Please check the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support website as well as promotional video on OLS. 

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