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What's new in Erasmus+: Youth in Action in 2018 and of relevance for cooperation with Neighbouring Partner Countries in the WB?


The latest version of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide, which provides detailed information on how to apply for funding from Erasmus+, is available here. Major changes in the Youth chapter of Erasmus+ compared to 2017 include:

Key Action 1 - Erasmus+ Volunteering projects (EVS)

Following the ongoing process of establishment of the new EU programme called European Solidarity Corps, from 2018, the name European Voluntary Service no longer exists and the new name given to short and long-term individual and group volunteering activities is simply “Volunteering activity”. The structure and rules applying to Volunteering activities remain largely unchanged from those for EVS.

Complementary activities are kept in 2018. Complementary activities aim at strengthening the impact of the project and can take place in different formats, such as job shadowing, meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars, training courses, coaching, etc. This is a chance to use for organisations who want to have a bigger impact with their volunteering activities in their local communities.

Group volunteering activities (former group EVS): From now on, groups of at least 10 and up to 40 participants (and not 30, as previously) can participate. A group volunteering activity can last from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Total duration of volunteering activities: The participant may first go on a short-term and then on the long-term volunteering activity, but these two activities should not exceed 12 months.

Individual support for a participant performing a volunteering activity in a Partner Country has increased from 2,00 EUR/day to 3,00 EUR/day. (Organizational support for Partner Countries remains the same as in 2017: Youth exchanges – 29 EUR/day; Mobility of youth workers – 48 EUR/day; Volunteering activities – 15 EUR/day.)

Accreditation Form available only as On-line Form: Application forms for receiving accreditation for Volunteering activities within Erasmus+ are no longer to be filled in pdf, but are only available in the form of an on-line form.

For more information, please check the Chapter “MOBILITY PROJECTS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE: VOLUNTEERING PROJECTS” in the Programme Guide.

Key Action 2 - Capacity Building in the Field of Youth

Capacity building activities are the essence of projects implemented under this Action. A new award criteria in Capacity building in the field of youth,"Relevance of the project", specifies that: Capacitiy building activities must be clearly defined!

Note also that there is an increase in the amounts of some scales of unit costs compared to 2017.

For more information, we recommend that you watch the online-info session about Capacity-building in the field of youth by the Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency (EACEA), which was run on 18th December 2017 and aimed at applicants from Erasmus+ Partner countries. The video recording and the presentations are available on the EACEA website.

Deadlines for Submission of Applications (only Youth Chapter) in 2018

All deadlines for submission of applications specified below end at 12.00 (noon), Brussels time.

Key Action 1 - Mobility of individuals in the field of youth (organisations from Erasmus+ Partner countries in the Western Balkans can act as partners)

Key Action 2 - Strategic partnerships in the field of youth (organisations from Erasmus+ Partner countries in the Western Balkans can act as partners, if their participation brings an essential added value to the project)

Key Action 3 - Meetings between young people and decision-makers in the field of youth (organisations from Erasmus+ Partner countries in the Western Balkans can act as partners)

Deadlines: 15 February 2018, 26 April 2018, 4 October 2018

Key Action 2 - Capacity building in the field of youth – (organisations from Erasmus+ Partner countries in the Western Balkans can submit applications to the Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency in Brussels, under the so-called Western Balkans Youth Window)

Deadline: 8 March 2018

Please refer to the Erasmus+ Programme Guide for detailed instructions for the submission of applications.

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