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Trainings for volunteers

In the region of Western Balkans, comprising of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia, the training and evaluation cycle is organized by SALTO SEE.  

The Training and Evaluation Cycle offered by SALTO SEE to volunteers consists of three trainings: 

  1. On-arrival training (only for volunteering activities lasting 60 days or more, travel days excluded*) and 

  1. Mid-term evaluation meeting (only for volunteering activities lasting 6 months or more - more precisely, 180 days or more, travel days excluded). 

  1. Annual Event for former EVS/E+/ESC volunteers (only for volunteers who have completed their service and returned back home, in the Western Balkans)

More information about the Trainings for Volunteers can be found on the official SALTO SEE RC website.

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